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Interval Training has been proven to be more effective for muscle toning and weight loss.

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We have a full selection of Dumbbells, Barbells, Bumperplates, Kettlebells  and machines…

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Boxing and working out with heavy bags gets you results fast. Check Location availability…

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Evolve Gyms of Mexico lead the fitness industry when it comes to helping people reach their fitness goals. We have a full weight room, multiple cardio areas, personal training, group classes, and more!

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Playa del Carmen Personal Trainers

There’s a lot of options for Playa del Carmen Personal Trainers now in 2019 and one consideration is whether you are looking for traditional training inside a gym or facility or something outside, on the beach, in the park or at your location. The good news is Evolve Gym has a great personal trainer for you for any of these options.

Personal Training in our gym on 5th Ave. is the most popular choice and allows you access to all our equipment and facilities. We have the most talented and playa del carmen personal trainerexperienced trainers in Playa and can arrange Tulum personal training or personal trainers in Cancun at our other locations.

But what if you want to train outside the gym? On the beach or at your beachfront villa. Maybe at your condo gym or in the sports stadium on 10th ave. and calle 34. We’ve got you covered for that too.

   Contact Us   today and find out more or to schedule your trainer.

Outdoor personal training, outside the gym requires an organized trainer with sufficient knowledge and choreography, experienced with bodyweight exercises and the ability to adapt to different workout locations and weather conditions to create a safe and enjoyable fitness experience for the clients.

You will find many “trainers” eager to train you away from the gym often because they are not qualified, certified or even allowed to train clients inside the gym. Unfortunately, most of the personal trainers in Playa del Carmen do not have the experience to do this well or safely which is why we recommend only a few of our top trainers for Team training at beachfront villas or home personal training. Always check references if a safe and professional workout is important to you. You can contact Evolve Gym to get our current recommendations for qualified, English speaking personal trainers in Tulum and Playa.


Whether your a serious athlete or just want to keep in shape on your vacation. Workout with us at Evolve. The Locals Choice in Playa Del Carmen.

Experience Matters and Evolve Gyms of Playa Del Carmen and Tulum has been serving the Mayan Riviera for over 10 years.

It’s no secret that the locals and expats living in Playa Del Carmen prefer Evolve Gyms for the friendly staff, great customer service and expert trainers.

Evolve is also the gym of choice for tourists and travelers looking for a friendly vibe and great, well equipped gym.

The Coconut Beach Bootcamp.

Personal training at an Xpu-Ha Beach private villa 2018.

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